Liz Cirri

Liz Cirri

Senior Director, Reimbursement, Government Programs, sanofi-aventis

Liz Cirri is Sr. Director of Reimbursement, Government Programs at sanofi-aventis in Bridgewater, NJ. Sanofi-aventis is a leading global pharmaceutical company that discovers, develops, and distributes therapeutic solutions to help patients lead longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

Liz has served sanofi-aventis for over 10 years in the area of US government markets. In her current role, Liz engages with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to ensure its reimbursement polices do not compromise access to innovative medicines. Formerly, Liz played a vital role in developing public policy positions for the company and in analyzing the impact of government programs on business strategy.

Liz has responsibility for analysis of Health Information Technology as an important and evolving public policy issue. Liz Cirri serves on the board of directors for Dossia, an independent personal health records company that provides user access to secure life long health information regardless of health plan, employer, or physician.

Liz began her career as a KPMG auditor and later went on to serve Pfizer’s (formerly Warner-Lambert) audit department as a CPA. In the 10 years following at both Pfizer and sanofi-aventis, Liz lead teams responsible for implementing government reporting systems and processes designed to comply with complex government regulations. She has conducted various pharmaceutical sales contract negotiations and measured market performance against key performance indicators.

Liz has an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a BA from Montclair State University.