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Michael Critelli

Michael Critelli

CEO, Dossia

Michael J. Critelli is the former Executive Chairman of Pitney Bowes Inc., a $6.3 billion mailstream solutions company. During the 34 years since he completed his undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin and was awarded a J.D., cum laude at Harvard Law School, he has had a distinguished career as a company, industry, and community leader.

As Executive Chairman, Mr. Critelli lead the Pitney Bowes’ focus on the emerging opportunities in the external environment, including postal reform and transformation in the U.S. and globally, and market opportunities arising from the company's innovation and leadership in areas such as health care, government services and corporate social responsibility. He also concentrates on building upon the company's already strong positions in corporate governance.

During his 29-year tenure with Pitney Bowes, Mr. Critelli served in various capacities at the company, most recently as Chief Executive Officer, marking an 11 year period of unprecedented transformation, and firmly establishing the company's leadership in global mailstream markets.

Mr. Critelli was instrumental in leading the $900 billion mailing industry's efforts to articulate and promote its interests. He co-chaired the Mailing Industry Task force with the Deputy Postmaster General from 2001 to 2006, and is also the Chairman of the Mailing Industry CEO Council that has provided industry advocacy on postal reform and transformation, as well as leadership on other key industry issues. He has also been a driver of technological innovation in the mailing industry, and has been awarded nine U.S. patents for mailing technology.

His leadership also extends to health care and healthy communities, diversity, corporate governance and ethics, talent development and transportation. Mr. Critelli's passion and expertise in these areas have led to both personal and company awards and recognition. Mr. Critelli co-led two sessions of the 2008 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, first as part of a joint initiative with the World Health Organization focused on health and workforce productivity; and second on a panel focused on the prevention of the spread of chronic diseases. He recently chaired a Commission appointed by Governor Rell charged with examining and redesigning the Connecticut Department of Transportation, its mission, direction, business practices and organizational structure. Mr. Critelli currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for three non-profit organizations, the Dossia Founders Group, an organization funding an independent non-profit institute to develop a web-based framework for private, personal and portable health records, Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center Advisory Board, a center of excellence for the study and treatment of Alzheimer's disease, and the Connecticut Regional Institute for the 21st Century, a public policy think tank that promotes sustainable economic development and Connecticut's competitive position in the global economy. In addition, Mr. Critelli has just completed nearly five years as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Urban League. He previously served on the Connecticut Transportation Strategy Board where he co-chaired the Board's Funding and Finance Working Group. He serves on the Board of Trustees of Catalyst, which promotes the advancement of women in the workplace, the Board of Trustees for the Connecticut Science Center which supports scientific education and endeavors in the State and is a Board member of Partnership for Prevention which drives the public and private sectors toward maximizing the return on investments in prevention to improve the health of all Americans. He previously served on the Connecticut Transportation Strategy Board where he co-chaired the Board's Funding and Finance Working Group.

Mr. Critelli is also a member of the Board of Directors of Eaton Corporation, a leader in providing products, services, and technologies for many transportation-related industries, including automotive, truck, and airspace customers. Mr. Critelli was recently elected to the Wyeth Board of Directors, a global leader in pharmaceuticals, consumer health care products, and animal health care products.