Steven Lampkin

Steven Lampkin

Vice President, Benefits Services and Strategic Initiatives, Walmart

In October 2004, Steve Lampkin joined Wal-Mart as Vice President, Benefits Services and Strategic Initiatives. His responsibilities include leadership of administration, customer service, systems technology interface, and HIPAA compliance/privacy of Wal-Mart associate's health and financial benefits plans.

Steve also guides a set of strategic initiatives in the areas of health promotion, health information technology, and healthcare business development focused on driving positive change in the nation's health care industry.

Steve's background includes 27-years experience as a health care executive. He was a senior executive with Baptist Health system in Little Rock Arkansas for 18 years, including a seven-year stent at the helm of Baptist's 787-bed, flagship tertiary medical center, followed by a role as the system's chief strategy and branding leader. Immediately prior to joining Wal-Mart, Steve served as President/CEO of Washington Regional Medical System in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Steve was the recipient of the A. Allen Weintraub Memorial Award, the Arkansas Hospital Association's highest honor bestowed on health care individuals, in 2000. Early in his career, Steve was selected the Arkansas Health Executives Forum C. E. Melville Young Administrator of the Year Award.

Steve also received the Public Relations Society of America's 2002 Communicator of the Year Award for excellence in communications for Northwest Arkansas.