Dossia's Board of Directors and Executive teams are composed of senior representatives of the respective Founder entities.

The Dossia Founders leadership group is responsible for managing the Dossia organization and ensuring that this vision of providing lifelong electronic health records is carried out.

Dossia Board of Directors

Michael Critelli
  • Chairman, Board Of Directors, Dossia
  • Former Executive Chairman, Pitney Bowes
Jean Paul Gagnon
  • Secretary, Board of Directors, Dossia
  • Director of Public Policy, sanofi-aventis
Monica Foster
  • Vice President of Benefits, Cardinal Health
Craig Barrett
  • Former Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation
Karl Dalal
  • Director, Health & Protection Benefits, BP America
Adena Handly
  • Director, Healthcare Marketing, AT&T Business Solutions
Diana Finucane
  • Director, Global Benefits Applied Materials
Andrew Gold
  • Executive Director, Global Benefit Planning, Pitney Bowes
Steven Lampkin
  • Vice President, Benefits Services and Strategic Initiatives, Walmart
Patrick Soon-Shiong, M.D.
  • Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Abraxis Health
Tami L. Graham
  • Intel Global Benefits Design Director, Intel Corporation
Brad Perkins, M.D.
  • Executive Vice President Strategy and Innovation and Chief Transformation Officer, Vanguard Health Systems
Donna Scott
  • Executive Director – Marketing Strategy, McKesson RelayHealth
Liz Cirri
  • Senior Director, Reimbursement, Government Programs, sanofi-aventis

Dossia Executive Team

Colin Evans
  • President and CEO, Dossia Consortium
Steve Munini
  • Chief Operating Officer, Dossia
Jim Hansen
  • Vice President & Executive Director, Dossia Consortium