About Dossia

About the Dossia Consortium

Dossia is an employer-led group, comprised of Fortune 500 companies dedicated to empowering individuals to make better health decisions and to take action to improve their health and healthcare. By working collectively instead of as individual companies, Dossia's Founders have created a unified coalition of corporations, providers, payers and personal health applications developers oriented around a common goal: to improve employee health and healthcare, while reducing healthcare costs.

About the Dossia Personal Health Platform

In order to achieve these goals, Dossia offers a Personal Health Platform, which aggregates users' health information into a convenient and safe Web-based Personal Health Record. From this Personal Health Record, users are not only able to utilize their data, but they also have access to personalized health tools that help them improve their health, manage their health conditions, and help them to better navigate the healthcare system. Arming individuals with access to and control over their health information and providing them with personalized health tools enables individuals to become more engaged partners in their care and facilitates competition in the field of healthcare, which, in turn, improves quality of care while reducing cost.

Dossia's aggregated information includes health data from doctors offices, health plans, pharmacies and labs, as well as self-entered data. Once gathered and securely stored in the Dossia database, personal health records are portable and continually available to the user for life, even if they change employers, insurers, or healthcare providers. Most importantly, the personal health record is personally controlled, private and secure. Only the user determines what parts of their Dossia record they wish to share with others. Current or future employers, providers, and health insurers will never have access to this information without explicit consent from the user. Dossia provides employees with access to - and control over - their personal health information, as well as personalized health tools that enable individuals to make good health decisions and to take action to improve their health and healthcare.