From data access to actionable data

The research is unequivocal. Individuals who actively participate in their own care achieve better health outcomes. By enabling consumers to track historic health information, monitor progress toward health-related goals, and share essential information with providers and other health care professionals, Dossia becomes an indispensable tool for making health data actionable.

For this reason, the Dossia Consortium advocates for public policies and industry standards that promote an individual's right to a lifelong, portable and self-controlled personal health record. Our goal is simple: Ensure that consumers have the data they need - when they need it - to make informed choices about their health and healthcare.

Since its inception, the Dossia Consortium has been a forceful proponent of policy and standards development designed to help individuals create and maintain a secure personal health record. Then, as now, the Dossia Consortium's advocacy agenda aims to:

  • Promote the adoption of public policies that ensure an individual's right to personal health data in a secure digital format
  • Advance the development of new technologies that enable individuals to create a lifetime, portable and self-controlled personal health record
  • Advocate for the elimination of legal, institutional and technical barriers that impede the free flow of health data needed for both personal and population health management
  • Educate employers, third-party benefits administrators, health care providers, policymakers and other industry participants about the role of personal health records in transforming health and healthcare

This is an ambitious agenda. That's why we work in collaboration with organizations whose vision and goals align with our own. Our partners have included a mix of patient advocacy organizations, industry trade groups and privacy watchdogs such as Markel Foundation, Society for Participatory Medicine, and the Health Privacy Project, as well as corporations like Google and Microsoft.