On September 17, 2007, Dossia announced a collaboration with Children's Hospital Boston to provide strategic and technological expertise and guidance in creating, deploying and operating the Dossia infrastructure.

For more than a decade, researchers in the Children's Hospital Informatics Program (CHIP), based at Children's Hospital Boston and affiliated with Harvard Medical School and the Health Sciences and Technology Program at MIT, have been leaders in pioneering and promoting personal control of health information as a key to improving consumer health management and outcomes and in developing rigorous, privacy-protective methods of ensuring patient control over their own medical information.

CHIP researchers developed Indivo, the first personally-controlled health record ( through grants from the National Library of Medicine and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Indivo enables patients to integrate their health information across sites of care over their lifetime, and to selectively share that data with health care providers and family members. The Indivo system serves as the infrastructure for the Dossia project.

Children's is collaborating with Dossia to provide secure, portable, personally-controlled health records for employees, dependents and retirees of Dossia's founding companies.