Dossia aspires to develop leading-edge technologies that integrate personal health information with best-in-class health and healthcare tools.

Year after year, American health declines while the cost of care keeps increasing. Hope springs eternal that some new product, program, drug or treatment will reverse the trend, but it does not happen. Based on most major health indicators, it's clear the U.S. spends too much on healthcare and gets too little in return.

Americans know we need to improve our diet, get more exercise, smoke less and reduce our stress. Yet making even the simplest lifestyle changes is a huge challenge. Giving individuals tools to better manage their health is necessary, but not sufficient. People need to be engaged to use those tools, and most of us need to be nudged toward using them the right way, at the right time.

The Dossia Consortium seeks to nurture the development of disruptive, accessible technologies that combine the tools for engagement and empowerment with a framework for nudging people to do what is best for their health and healthcare.

Our vision is to make personal health data actionable by aggregating health information and delivering personalized solutions to help individuals better manage chronic conditions, pursue a healthier lifestyle and get more value from their healthcare spending.