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Wellness at Work

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Welcome to Dossia's new blog, Wellness at Work!

Here at Dossia we are committed to empowering individuals to improve health and healthcare.

The Wellness at Work blog is one of the ways that we hope to equip you with information and resources that will help you improve your health and make better healthcare decisions.

The established approach to health and healthcare is out of balance. Our healthcare system pours the vast majority of its resources into treating disease without an integrated system for serving patients, while, at the same time, largely undervaluing the importance of health promotion and keeping you well. In this system, individuals have little access to their personal health information, and tend to feel voiceless, even regarding their own care. This leads to lower standards of health, reduced quality of- and access to- healthcare, and increased costs of treatment.

Dossia is working towards achieving a healthier balance. Our mission is to give individuals greater access to their health information in order to enable them to make good health decisions, be well informed healthcare consumers, and become more actively engaged partners in their care. Our goal is to help you stay well and rely less on healthcare, better manage your own care if you do become sick, and successfully navigate the healthcare system if and when you do need it.

In Wellness at Work we'll post on a variety of topics, all with the mission of empowering you to live the healthiest life you can. We look forward to engaging in a dialogue with you going forward, wherein we share new insights and developments with you, and get your feedback and insights along the way.

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