Employee Out-of-Pocket Costs -- National Average

Employer Health Costs Have Seemingly Slowed But Pain Persists

When it comes to health care costs the news is rarely good. Most headlines only reinforce what we already know – that costs are spiraling out of control and no end is in sight.

A Three-Pronged Strategy for Strengthening the Achilles Heel of Wellness Initiatives

The story of Achilles is perhaps one Western culture’s most recognizable Greek myths. A passionate demigod, blessed with near-immortality, is killed by a well-placed arrow to the heel, his only weak spot.

OpenNotes: Taking Patient/Provider Communication to the Next Level

For Dr. Susan Woods, one of our clinical advisors, a personal health record is one of the key ways to forge a deeper relationship between patients and providers. As a practicing physician with the VA of Portland and Oregon Health Sciences, Dr. Woods is well acquainted with the value of patient engagement and has been a longtime advocate of medical records transparency.

Visualizing the Future of Data Visualization

When it comes to health infographics, Fred Pennic and his team at HITConsultant have amassed one of the better collections out there. They also sort the wheat from the chafe, and surface some of the most useful data visualizations we've seen.

Make Your Patients Partners in Their Health and Care

Dossia Health Management System provides healthcare professionals with the tools necessary to enable them to make their patients active partners in managing their health and care, thereby increasing the effectiveness of treatments and ensuring long-term success.

Wake Up Employers: You Can Overcome Barriers to High Value Healthcare

In a recent article on The Health Care Blog entitled 'Human Resources and Surviving Healthcare Reform', Mike Turpin spells out the big issues facing employers as they prepare to navigate the unpredictable consequences of healthcare reform legislation (PPACA).

Health Reform: The Big Picture Objective

America certainly has a healthcare crisis where costs have spiraled out of control, quality is highly variable, and many do not have access to health insurance. However, the broader, more fundamental crisis, and the one that receives far less attention, is actually a health crisis.

EHRs and PHRs: A Marriage of Convenience?

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of participating on a panel at the "2009 Harvard Public Health and Technology Conference," hosted by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) Public Health and Technology (PHAT) Forum. This one day student-lead conference brought together a diverse group of leaders from academia and industry in the field of health IT.

National Survey Highlights Growth in PHR Adoption

Here at Dossia we have been asked what we think about the low percentage of respondents interested in accessing an employer sponsored PHR (25% of non-users). Our response: this is the very reason that Dossia was founded as a standalone, non-profit entity that categorically does not share health information with employers but rather maintains a completely private and secure record that is under employees' personal control.

Employer Leverage: Key Step Toward Mitigating Rising Healthcare Costs

Chronic conditions are largely preventable by pursuing a lifestyle marked by healthful diet, regular physical activity, tobacco avoidance, moderate alcohol intake, and weight management. It is therefore essential to identify and capitalize on opportunities to influence health behaviors at a population level.


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