Make Your Patients Partners in Their Health and Care

Dossia Health Management System provides healthcare professionals with the tools necessary to enable them to make their patients active partners in managing their health and care, thereby increasing the effectiveness of treatments and ensuring long-term success.

The Dossia Health Management System offers a single location for individuals and care providers to manage all aspects of the patient's health and care. The Dossia solution allows providers to monitor and communicate with their patients through the Dossia system, and enables them to suggest or "prescribe" specific programs or tools, which they can use to track a patient's progress. Additionally, Dossia's intelligent system can provide supplemental information and tools that are personalized to the patient's needs, based on the health information that the Dossia system automatically aggregates on the user's behalf.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Dossia's marketplace offers best in class health applications that address all aspects of a user's health needs. In the Dossia Marketplace, users can find a wide variety of tools and applications that are seamlessly integrated into Dossia's platform, offering significantly more value to the user than they would as disparate solutions.

Dossia Health Management System Enables Centers of Excellence

The Dossia Health Management System significantly improves care delivery in Accountable Care Organizations by promoting best value providers and outcomes with the solution's extensive monitoring and tracking capabilities. The Dossia solution also provides incentives for "Centers of Excellence" that:

  • Engage consumer/patients in effective self-management to improve outcomes and maximize bonus payments
  • Reward best performance in patient safety for all providers
  • Reward providers with best performance in reducing preventable readmissions
  • Reward providers with best tools for managing ongoing patient care, such as EMRs, communications tools for managing post-discharge processes, and patient outreach for preventive care

Read more about the Dossia Health Management System here.

Download the Dossia presentation from the 2012 Accountable Care & Health IT Strategy Summit here.


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