Webinar Series: Closing the Engagement Gap: Selling Employees on Health and Wellness

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

If employee health improvement is so important, then why is it so hard?

We all know that to achieve meaningful engagement we need to have leadership endorsement, effective communications, relevant incentives, and a supportive culture.

  • Then why the Engagement Gap?
  • What's missing in our planning and execution?
  • What more can we do with our tools and resources to close the gap?

In this second in our series of webinars on new models for consumer engagement, industry thought leader Frank Hone looks at what employers, providers and others can learn from the world of consumer products marketing and advertising. As Chief Engagement Officer at Healthcentric Partners, Inc., Frank explains how to think differently about the challenge at hand and build strategies designed for success. He applies his health behavior change experience from a career in advertising and his recent role as Director of Sustainable Engagement at Healthways.

Frank Hone, Chief Engagement Officer at Healthcentric Partners, Inc.


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