Dossia Rolls Out Health Analytics Platform to Support Technology-Driven Population Health Management

The Dossia Dashboard adds comprehensive reporting, predictive analytics and business intelligence capabilities to the Dossia Health Manager, the company's flagship product that incorporates personal health records, an ecosystem of risk-specific health applications, social networking, gamification and other tools to support care management and promote lifestyle behavior change. The Dashboard is the newest addition to Dossia's product suite, which is used by large self-insured employers, population health and third-party administrators to help members better manage their health and health care spending.

The Dossia Dashboard has been piloted by health coaches serving in a growing number of African- American and Caribbean churches in New York City. It enables these health coaches, who serve in the church health ministries, to focus their attention on individuals with persistently high blood pressure. The project is sponsored by the Primary Care Information Project of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDOHMH).

"With the Dossia Dashboard I can see how congregants are trending and am able to zero in on those who are trending poorly and need special attention," said Phyllis Herbert, health ministries coordinator with the Christian Fellowship Seventh-Day Adventist church in Brooklyn, New York. "With proper outreach, health education and lifestyle changes, there will be fewer visits to the hospital."

The Dossia Dashboard integrates several features that population health managers say are critical to their efforts, including role-based and group level security features, filtering capabilities and custom reporting. The Dashboard also embeds evidence-based health rules to drive targeted interventions based on a predefined set of "triggers." For example, a patient newly diagnosed with hypertension would automatically receive a notification urging them to obtain annual lab tests to check their creatinine and potassium levels. An alert is posted on their Dossia Health Manager news feed, and is sent via email or text messaging depending on the individual's notification preferences.

"Since its inception Dossia has aimed to empower consumers to make better choices about their health and well-being," said Michael J. Critelli, Dossia's CEO. "By integrating best-of-breed population health tools, the Dashboard not only strengthens our patient engagement capabilities, it enables us to partner with health plans, providers, wellness companies and other organizations that need the ability to assess health risks in real-time and direct appropriate interventions to address those risks. Now we can engage individuals in care management and behavior change programs before major health events occur."

About Dossia

Dossia is dedicated to improving health and healthcare in America by empowering individuals to make smart health decision and become more discerning healthcare consumers. Backed by some of the largest, most respected brands in the world, Dossia's founding member companies have united under the common vision to engage their employees as true partners in achieving high value healthcare. The Dossia founders group includes AT&T, Applied Materials, BP America, Cardinal Health, Intel, NantWorks, Pitney Bowes, Vanguard Health Systems and Walmart. For more information, visit

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