An open API to support an integrated health ecosystem

Since its inception, Dossia has provided the infrastructure for third-parties to build compelling, patient-centered healthcare applications. This includes an open source software platform and a single API for data providers and application developers.

Today, Dossia integrates more than 40 third-party software applications and connected devices, from Text4baby and CDC Flu Tracker to Fitbit and Withings. Our API development resources include:

OpenID to enable shared identity with our ecosystem partners across web sites

Dossia API to allow client applications to securely read and update a Dossia participant's health data

Dossia Schemas to consolidate the most popular industry standards for the secure exchange of personal health information

Dossia OAuth to authenticate applications accessing Dossia API services and to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications

To learn more about Dossia's open API framework and developer resources please visit