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Setting the Stage - The Dossia Health Management System

The Problem

Recent healthcare reform will do little to curb the US’s skyrocketing healthcare costs. In the run up to the passage of PPACA, there was much speculation as to whether employers would continue to offer healthcare coverage to their employees. It has now become clear that the majority of employers will continue to provide health benefits for their employees and their families for the foreseeable future.

In order to contain soaring health spending, employers will need enlist their employees as proactive partners in their quest for higher value healthcare. It is therefore essential that employersempower their employees with the tools and information they need to improvetheir health and get the best quality and value care possible.

The Opportunity

A multitude of technologies have recently emerged to help employees lose weight, remember to take their meds, manage their diabetes, compare doctor prices, and everything in between. These solutions present a tremendous opportunity for employers who wish to engagetheir employees as partners in achieving higher value for their health benefits spending. However, no single solution presents a silver bullet, and HR executives are faced with the daunting task of identifying and deploying the best in class solutions for their employees.

At the same time, the passage of the HITECH Act is rapidly accelerating the digitization of clinical records, which will dramatically increase the quantity and quality of health data available to power personalized tools that enable individuals to take control of their health and care.

A solution that integrates personal health data and best in class applications on an intelligent platform, and is able to intervene in the right way at the right time, will enable employers to empower their employees to improve health, better manage medical conditions, navigate health plans, save money, and get better quality healthcare.

The Solution: The Dossia Health Management System