Benefits of Investing in the Dossia Solution

The Dossia Solution

The average cost of employer sponsored health benefits has grown at five times the rate of earnings over the last decade, and is expected to increase another 9% in 2010 alone. Employers have to be proactive in reining in rising healthcare spending. Dossia delivers a Personally-Controlled Health Record framework that empowers employees to become more active stakeholders in their health and healthcare. By equiping your employees with lifelong, personal, private, and portable health tools, you will empower them and their families to make better health and healthcare decisions and to become more demanding users of healthcare.

The Dossia Value

Healthier and more productive employees reduce healthcare costs for themselves and your company. Equipped with their own Dossia health tools, your employees become more active participants in their health and healthcare. This leads to improved health outcomes, more efficient care, reduced healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and increased employee productivity, morale, and retention. A corporate culture of health and wellness helps employees and employers alike.

How is this achieved?

Dossia delivers an entire ecosystem of health solutions that address all of your major healthcare cost drivers. Within this ecosystem, numerous health applications are delivered that are personally tailored to each employee based on their aggregated health information. These applications:

Why Dossia? Why Now?

Dossia is a nonprofit organization that represents a consortium of Fortune 500 companies in the United States; each dedicated to improving health and healthcare by empowering individuals to make informed healthcare decisions. Dossia members are uniquely positioned to leverage personal health information from multiple sources, which is necessary to enable a wide variety of valuable health applications. Dossia is not tethered to healthcare providers or insurers and provides users with a fully portable life-long health database, while maintaining the highest standard of privacy and security.

Employers continue to sign larger and larger checks, assuming that spiraling healthcare costs are beyond their influence. The promise of government led healthcare reform that effectively contains costs remains uncertain and current reform still envisions employers as the critical channel for healthcare. Invest in Dossia and join other leaders driving healthcare efficiency and employee wellness.