The Dossia Personal Health Platform is an unique solution that allows employers to proactively reduce their healthcare costs by empowering their employees with the information and personal health tools necessary to make better health and healthcare decisions.
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Breaking Healthcare News

  • Bloomberg Businessweek, 05.03.10 ,"Crafting Employees' Personal Online Health Records" by Rachael King

  • Bloomberg Businessweek, 05.03.10 ,"Slimming Down Employees to Cut Costs", by Rachael King

  • CNN Money, 04.14.10 ,"Memo to the health care industry: The jig is up", by By Colin Evans & Jacob Sattelmair, Dossia

  • The New York Times, 03.27.10 ,"Technology Can Improve Health Care", by Steve Lohr

  • The Atlantic, 09.09.09 ,"How American Health Care Killed My Father," by David Goldhill

  • New York Times, 09.10.09, "Tech Companies Push to Digitize Patients" Records, By Steve Lohr

  • BBC, 09.03.09, "The US Move to Electronic Health, By Jane O"Brien

  • New York Times, 09.03.09, "Let"s Get Fundamental, By David Brooks

  • PC World, 09.02.09, "Is Your Health Privacy at Risk, Carolyn Duffy Marsan

  • TIME, 09.1.09, "Drive-Thru Medical: Retail Health Clinics" Good Marks, By Jeffrey Kluger,8599,1919754,00.html

  • Washington Post, 08.23.09, "5 Myths About Health Care Around the World, By T.R. Reid


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Watch our Archived Webcasts

Employee Engagement: Key to Healthcare Innovation
Broadcast on: July 20, 2010. 1PM EST / 10AM PST

Breaking News

Dossia Continues to Accelerate Personal Health Solution Ecosystem Growth and Expands Offerings Dossia announces that the organization will now be offering the Dossia Personal Health Platform to companies outside the original Founder community as a Software-as-a-Service package.

Crafting Employees' Personal Online Health Records
Companies such as Intel, Wal-Mart, and Pitney Bowes offer Web sites that compile workers' private medical histories' and may motivate change

Slimming Down Employees to Cut Costs
Companies are targeting employee fitness to contain health-care costs, creating individualized plans using wearable technology and Web sites.

Memo to the health care industry: The jig is up
The demand for high value health care by big corporations is real.

Technology Can Improve Health Care
In 1900, an American man could expect to live on average until he was 45 years old. By 1940, that life-expectancy number had jumped to 62 years, while for women the average number increased from 51 years to 66 years.

Dossia Doubles List of Key Health Record Adopters with Intel and Pitney Bowes
More big companies are giving electronic health records a go.

Vanguard Rolls Out Dossia PHRs To Employees
The hospital operator plans to offer Dossia Web-based personal health records to all 23,000 of its employees by year end.

Vanguard Health Systems Joins Dossia Consortium
Healthcare leader joins major U.S. employers group to help deliver empowering health data to employees...

Do-it-yourself health care can mean saving lives
Online article from Mass High Tech Business News

Should E-Health Records be a Job Perk?
InformationWeek's Marianne McGee exploring the benefits of having an employer provide E-Health Records