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Breast Cancer
Posted Monday, 26 October 2009 By Joan Klinetob
I had been given a mammogram in August (a few years back) and was told by the original Doctor (before the mammogram), the mammogram technician, and the sonogram technician that the lump that I had could not possibly be cancerous. By October of that year, the lump had become painful, so I knew that it had changed. Admittedly, I waited until after Christmas to get another mammogram, but the results came back with the lump being filled with aggressive cancer. If I had not requested another test, I probably would have died from breast cancer. The doctor never ordered a follow-up mammogram after the results of the first test, he just requested that I should have a follow-up test six months into the future. He never checked, plus it might have been potentially too late to prevent the spread into my lymph nodes.

Personal health records would have made the treatment following the mastectomy much easier for the many doctors that had been assigned to my case to follow what had been done and when. Every doctor had no ability to see what had been done and what tests had been taken. I needed to keep a folder with all the procedures and carry it to all the different appointments. A PHR would have made my medical follow-ups much more efficient. I was required to remember all that had been done, even now four years later. I have stopped carrying the folder, yet I still am asked questions about past procedures many years later. My memory of all the procedures is faulty, to say the least, yet doctors still quiz me about all that has been done since I was diagnosed. PHRs should be required for all people, as they would save time and help each doctor to not repeat the same analysis over and over. They could add to the knowledge base of each specialist, and that would lead to a more efficient and effective cure.
Posted Thursday, 09 September 2010 By prueba
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