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bone loss
Posted Monday, 26 October 2009 By Dr Richard Hampton
My wife has osteoporosis and her back is bent rather badly now. There had been a record made of her losing height,and we don't know if a bone density test was done. At least no treatment was ordered. Many years later, treatment was started and is in progress, but the damage has been done. She now has a severe case of spinal stenosis, which is a degeneration of the spinal cord caused by osteoporosis.

The other case involves my brother-in-law. He fell at home and was taken by ambulance to the hospital where he was kept overnight. He lives alone so it was decided he should go in a nursing home for rehab. There he experienced pain when the therapist worked with his legs. She told him she thought he had a broken hip, but it was not mentioned at the hospital so she was afraid of bringing up the subject, saying she could lose her job. Finally a doctor was convinced to x-ray the hip, and it was found to be broken. If he had the use of a PHR, they would have found that he broke his bones quite often. They might have been more careful to check for a broken hip.
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