How Did Inumaki Lose His Arm

Title: Unveiling the Mystery: How Did Inumaki Lose His Arm?


In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Inumaki is an intriguing character with a unique ability to communicate with cursed spirits through spoken words. However, fans of the series may question why this skilled sorcerer is missing an arm. In this article, we will delve into the backstory of Inumaki and explore the circumstances surrounding the loss of his arm, shedding light on this significant event in his life.

The Tragic Incident:

Inumaki’s unfortunate loss of his arm can be attributed to a perilous encounter with a powerful cursed spirit during a mission. While the exact details of this incident have not been explicitly revealed in the manga or anime, it is believed that Inumaki sustained severe injuries while trying to protect his allies. The cursed spirit, possessing formidable strength and malicious intent, inflicted a devastating blow that resulted in the loss of his arm.

Inumaki’s Resilience and Adaptation:

Despite this life-altering event, Inumaki demonstrates remarkable resilience and determination. He quickly adapts to his new circumstances and finds ways to continue his role as a sorcerer. With the support of his friends and allies, Inumaki learns to overcome the physical limitations imposed his injury, emphasizing his indomitable spirit and commitment to the cause.

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Unique Questions and Answers:

1. Was Inumaki’s arm lost during a battle with a specific cursed spirit?
While the exact cursed spirit responsible for Inumaki’s injury has not been revealed, it is believed to be a formidable enemy with immense power.

2. Did Inumaki lose his arm during a mission or during training?
Inumaki’s arm was lost during a dangerous mission, where he valiantly fought to protect his comrades.

3. Can Inumaki’s arm be regenerated using cursed energy?
No, Inumaki’s arm cannot be regenerated using cursed energy. His loss is permanent, and he has adapted to his new circumstances without the use of prosthetics or cursed techniques.

4. Did Inumaki’s injury affect his ability to communicate with cursed spirits?
No, Inumaki’s injury did not impair his unique ability to communicate with cursed spirits through spoken language. He continues to utilize his talent effectively, albeit with one arm.

5. How did Inumaki cope with the loss of his arm emotionally?
While Inumaki’s emotional journey following the loss of his arm has not been explicitly explored, it is evident that he possesses a strong will and determination, allowing him to adapt and move forward despite the emotional toll.

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6. Has Inumaki’s fighting style changed after losing his arm?
Inumaki’s fighting style has undergone certain modifications due to his physical limitations. However, he remains a formidable sorcerer, utilizing his linguistic abilities and strategic thinking to overcome challenges.

7. Did Inumaki receive any support or assistance after losing his arm?
Inumaki received support and encouragement from his friends and allies, who provided emotional assistance and helped him adapt to his new circumstances.

8. Will Inumaki’s arm loss impact his future battles?
While Inumaki’s arm loss poses certain challenges, he has shown remarkable adaptability and resourcefulness, suggesting that it will not significantly hinder his effectiveness in future battles.

9. Is Inumaki’s arm loss a common occurrence in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe?
No, the loss of limbs is not a common occurrence in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, making Inumaki’s situation a unique and tragic event.

10. Has Inumaki inspired other characters with his resilience and determination?
Inumaki’s unwavering spirit and resilience have certainly inspired other characters within the series, showcasing the strength of his character and serving as a source of motivation for his comrades.

11. Are there any alternative theories surrounding Inumaki’s arm loss?
While there may be fan theories or speculations regarding the circumstances of Inumaki’s arm loss, such theories have not been confirmed the manga or anime.

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12. Does Inumaki regret his decision to protect others during the incident?
There is no indication that Inumaki regrets his decision to protect his allies. In fact, his selfless act emphasizes his heroism and dedication to the well-being of others.

13. Has Inumaki’s arm loss affected his overall character development?
Inumaki’s arm loss has undoubtedly contributed to his character development, showcasing his resilience, determination, and ability to overcome adversity.

14. Will Inumaki’s arm loss impact his future relationships or interactions?
While it may have some impact on his interactions, Inumaki’s loss of arm does not hinder his ability to form meaningful connections with others.


Inumaki’s loss of his arm is a significant event in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, demonstrating his resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to protecting his comrades. Although the exact details of the incident remain undisclosed, the impact of this tragedy on Inumaki’s character development is evident. As fans continue to follow his journey, Inumaki’s story serves as a reminder of the strength that can emerge from adversity.

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