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We aspire to develop technologies that integrate personal health information with best-in-class health and healthcare tools.


Our Advocacy

We advocate for public policy and industry standards that promote an individual's right to a lifelong, portable and self-controlled personal health record.

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In the News: For Dossia, Digital Health Isn't Just Personal Anymore

At Boston-based Dossia, it's not just personal anymore. The digital health start-up was early in the race to build a lifelong and portable personal health record.

Employer Health Costs Have Seemingly Slowed But Pain Persists

When it comes to health care costs the news is rarely good. Most headlines only reinforce what we already know – that costs are spiraling out of control and no end is in sight.

Webinar Series: The Emerging CareHacking Revolution and Population Health: Understanding its Scope, Managing its Impact

A new generation of health consumers is rising. Forced to navigate an increasingly complex insurance landscape and pay more for their care, consumers are using the Web, social media, personal health records and other data sources to "hack the health system".

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