About PitneyBowes

Pitney Bowes provides the world's most comprehensive suite of mailstream software, hardware, services and solutions to help companies manage their flow of mail, documents and packages to improve communication. Pitney Bowes, with $5.6 billion in annual revenue, takes an all-inclusive view of its customers' operations, helping organizations of all sizes enjoy the competitive advantage that comes from an optimized mailstream.

The company's 86 years of technological leadership have produced many major mailstream innovations, and it is consistently on the Intellectual Property Owners Association's list of top U.S. patent holders. With approximately 34,000 employees worldwide, Pitney Bowes serves more than 2 million businesses through direct and dealer operations. More information about the company can be found at www.pb.com

"We believe in creating a 'culture of health' at Pitney Bowes, where we partner with employees to provide the information, services, incentives and support people need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"We think Dossia fits neatly into this approach, and will be a powerful new tool in our efforts to have the healthiest workforce possible.

"In addition, Dossia will help ensure continuity of care, which is increasingly important in a highly mobile society. We look forward to development and deployment of this important initiative."

Michael J. Critelli
Chairman and CEO
Pitney Bowes Inc.