Dossia: The New Environment for Better Health Care Decisions

Over the past 15 years, Andy Effenson has focused his expertise on the development of strategic partnerships, lead generation programming, and product distribution within the IT, healthcare and employee benefit communities. Andy's demonstration provided a tour of Dossia's population health management dashboard which allows for real-time population analysis and interventions for both patients and providers.

Putting it All Together

The Dossia Health Management System integrates aggregated personal health information with best in class health and healthcare tools, as well as multiple user engagement components to offer a rich and personalized experience. By combing these customized solutions into a single intelligent platform and powering them with real personal health data, the Dossia system enables unprecedented personalization and offers superior value to the user.

Managing the Family's Health and Wellness

Sandra uses the Dossia Health Manager to help manage her family's health and wellness. In this clip, while in the process of sharing her kids' vaccination records with their camp counselor, the Dossia Health Manager alerts Sandra that Timmy is due for a vaccination. Sandra also decides to save time on an upcoming doctor's appointment for Timmy and proactively shares his record with his doctor.

An Introduction to Dossia

Watch this video and listen to several of Dossia's founding members explain why Dossia was created, how it works, and the anticipated benefits of this initiative to individuals, medical providers and employers.


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Putting it All Together

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