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For CEO's

You are frustrated by your Company's inability to control healthcare costs. What can you do in an environment in which the federal government has taken a much more active role in healthcare management?

For HR and Benefit Leaders

HR and Benefits departments of large, self-insured employers, struggle to bring healthcare costs under control. To those of you on the front lines, we express our deepest sympathy and admiration for what you are trying to accomplish. What are some of your common challenges?

For Providers

I am always amazed at the weak link in the doctor-patient relationship, the degree to which doctors have to be depend on what the patient remembers when he or she is asked to complete a paper-based form after checking in. For someone visiting an office for the first time, the individual completes a medical history form, which is highly likely to be incomplete, since it is asking often about events that occurred decades ago. However, even for people visiting their regular physicians, we ask them to remember what has happened in between visits that can be months or years apart.

Combining Comprehensive Data and Apps into Integrated Solutions for Health, Healthcare, and Health Spending Problems

Employers acquire services from health plans, prevention and wellness vendors, disease management vendors, and many of the service vendors who also have services or software available in the Dossia Marketplace. The health plans also aggregate health claims data, and provide a portal for their members that, in theory, replicate what Dossia has to offer.

Dossia's Engagement Capability

Online personal health management systems like Dossia's are particularly good at identifying and using engagement levers, because they can ask users what interests them, and can monitor user behaviors continually, if the user consents to such monitoring, to identify what the user actually finds engaging. In looking at a wide range of websites designed to produce health engagement, these sites work on one or, at most, a few of the tools for engagement.

Dossia Health Management System Reduces Healthcare Costs and Improves Healthcare Quality

Dossia, unlike portals created by health plans and provider systems, is structured solely to benefit the consumers. It has no financial incentive to lock the consumers into a particular provider system, health plan, pharmacy, test lab, or applications provider. It is designed to accept new applications over time, based on consumers' preferences and to offer multiple options to consumers if health plan sponsors allow it to do so.

"Nudging"" Consumers To Engage in Positive Behaviors

The ultimate goal of every health plan, every incentive and reward program, and every program designed to help the plan's members is to get them to spend far less on healthcare coverage than the organization has budgeted, and to make them healthier. The importance of this set of goals is that the health plan has to be designed to drive the right behaviors and to discourage the wrong ones.

The Dossia Difference

Year after year, American health declines, and the cost of healthcare keeps increasing. Hope springs eternal that some new product, program, cure, drug, treatment, or form of medicine will reverse this trend, but it does not happen. I will not repeat what everyone knows: we spend too much on healthcare and get disappointing results in terms of every major health indicator.


Combining Comprehensive Data and Apps into Integrated Solutions for Health, Healthcare, and Health Spending Problems

"Nudging" Consumers To Engage in Positive Behaviors

Putting it All Together

From Mainframe to Personal Health Care: The Role of Health IT in Healthcare Transformation

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