From Mainframe to Personal Health Care: The Role of Health IT in Healthcare Transformation

Join Eric Dishman in a discussion of his views on the role that Health Information Technology will play in the future with regard to driving down healthcare costs in the US and globally, while increasing the quality of care patients receive. Drawing upon Intel's healthcare field research in more than 1000 patient households, 250 health facilities, and 20 countries, Eric will share some of the learnings, megatrends, and new I.T. capabilities that help shift healthcare from a population-based, clinic-centric model to a personalized, consumer-centric model.

Patient PAL CEO Jack London on "Patient Engagement Strategies to Achieve Higher Value Healthcare"

Join Patient PAL CEO Jack London in a discussion around engagement strategies for TPAs to increase user engagement in order to achieve higher value healthcare.

Former Pitney Bowes CEO Mike Critelli on "The Next Generation of Value-Based Health Plan Design"

Mike Critelli, former CEO and Chairman of Pitney Bowes, is regarded as a leading innovator in employer-based health programs, having created a revolutionary "culture of health" during his time at the company. Under Mike's leadership, the organization created an environment that was highly conducive to prevention, wellness and superior health care delivery by embracing the concept of value-based benefit design to drive optimal plan participant and provider behaviors.