What Does Justin Thomas Wear on His Upper Arm

What Does Justin Thomas Wear on His Upper Arm?

Justin Thomas, the professional golfer from the United States, has gained widespread attention not only for his remarkable skills on the course but also for the mysterious band he wears on his upper arm. Many fans and fellow golf enthusiasts have been curious about the purpose and significance of this accessory. In this article, we will delve into what Justin Thomas wears on his upper arm and present you with five interesting facts about it.

1. The band is a therapeutic device: Contrary to popular belief, the band Justin Thomas wears on his upper arm is not simply a fashion statement. It is actually a therapeutic device called a Kinesio tape. This tape is designed to provide support and alleviate pain in the muscles and joints facilitating natural movement and increasing blood flow.

2. It aids in injury prevention: Kinesio tape is commonly used athletes to prevent injuries or provide additional support during intense physical activities. It can help stabilize muscles and joints, reducing the risk of strains or sprains. Justin Thomas, like many other professional athletes, uses this tape to protect his upper arm muscles during his powerful swings.

3. It enhances muscle recovery: The Kinesio tape worn Justin Thomas is believed to aid in muscle recovery improving circulation and reducing inflammation. By applying the tape to specific areas, it encourages the body’s natural healing process, allowing athletes to recover more quickly from intense workouts or games.

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4. It helps with muscle activation: Another benefit of Kinesio tape is that it can help activate specific muscles. By providing a gentle pull on the skin, the tape stimulates the underlying muscles, helping them engage more effectively during physical activities. This can result in improved performance, especially in sports that require precise muscle control, such as golf.

5. It is customizable: Kinesio tape comes in various colors and patterns, allowing athletes to customize their appearance while reaping its therapeutic benefits. Justin Thomas often wears a black band on his upper arm, which complements his golf attire. This customization not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a unique touch to his overall look on the course.

Now, let’s move on to some common questions people have regarding Justin Thomas and the band he wears on his upper arm:

1. Does Justin Thomas wear the band for superstition?
No, Justin Thomas wears the Kinesio tape purely for therapeutic purposes.

2. Does the band affect his swing?
No, the band is designed to provide support without hindering movement, so it does not affect Justin Thomas’ swing negatively.

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3. Can the Kinesio tape be reused?
No, Kinesio tape is designed for single-use only to ensure its effectiveness.

4. Can anyone wear Kinesio tape?
Yes, Kinesio tape can be used anyone seeking muscle support or pain relief, not just professional athletes.

5. Does the band give Justin Thomas an advantage over other golfers?
No, the tape does not provide any unfair advantage. Its purpose is to support and protect muscles, not enhance performance.

6. How long does the tape stay on?
The tape can typically stay on for several days, depending on the individual’s activity level and how well it adheres to the skin.

7. Does Justin Thomas wear the band all the time?
No, Justin Thomas only wears the Kinesio tape during his golf rounds or intense practice sessions.

8. Is the tape waterproof?
Yes, Kinesio tape is water-resistant, allowing athletes to continue their activities even in wet conditions.

9. Can Kinesio tape be used on other body parts?
Yes, Kinesio tape can be applied to various body parts to support muscles and joints.

10. Does the tape leave any residue on the skin?
Kinesio tape is designed to leave minimal residue, and any residue can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

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11. Does Justin Thomas wear the band for specific injuries?
Justin Thomas wears the band as a preventive measure rather than for any specific injuries.

12. Does Justin Thomas wear the band during tournaments only?
Justin Thomas wears the band during both tournaments and practice sessions to provide continuous support to his upper arm muscles.

13. How does the tape stay in place during physical activities?
The tape’s adhesive properties and the tension created when applied to the skin allow it to stay in place even during intense physical activities.

14. Can the tape be purchased the general public?
Yes, Kinesio tape can be purchased online or at sports stores, making it accessible to the general public for personal use.

In conclusion, the band Justin Thomas wears on his upper arm is not just a fashion statement but a Kinesio tape that provides therapeutic benefits. It aids in injury prevention, muscle recovery, and muscle activation while being customizable to the individual’s preference. This accessory has become an intriguing aspect of Justin Thomas’ golfing attire, capturing the curiosity of fans and inspiring questions about its purpose and significance.

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